Interesting 3D Lines

Footprints and paths on the sidewalk

A path of footprints in untouched snow

Tracks left by a snow plow

A grate over a heating system

The grill of a car

The bark of a tree

The pattern that partially melted snow makes

Icicles on a car

The unanimous wilting of dead leaves

The criss cross pattern on metal sheets over ditches

A particularly long and straight kind of leaf or pod

Footprints in the snow

The chain on a fire hydrant

The tracks left in slush by cars

The jagged lines created by a broken tail light

Bunny tracks (or some other small animal)

The frame of a bike and a U-lock

A bike chain

The striation and linear texture in rock

A mess of branches on a dead bush


As I looked around for interesting 3D lines, I found myself really attracted to the tracks of cars and footprints in the snow. I like the idea of something leaving a trail in the world, a small detail that shows someone or something existed in that spot at one moment in time. I think I could use the impressions from car tires and the snow plow to make really interesting texture in an art piece. I would also be interesting in using the path created with footprints to make a large-scale design of some sort in the snow (that could only be seen in its entirety from the sky). One artist I know of has used the idea of tracks and paths in her drawings; her name is Heather Hanson. These works are in charcoal and she tracks her own body’s movements to create really beautiful large scale designs.




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