Artist whose work I hate: Jeff Koons

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what idea this artist is trying to communicate through his art. My guess would be that it has something to do with media and other influences on society and how they can take a hold of one’s life. i don’t think he is overly successful at conveying his idea, seeing as I cannot discern what it is. Additionally, one source stated that Koons does not believe he has any hidden meanings in his artwork. Koons works with brightly colored materials, his most noteworthy being polished stainless steel. By using steel as his medium of choice, his art holds more weight in the world and requires viewers to take notice.

Overall, I do not like this artist. I find his work to be gaudy and obnoxious. If he is trying too send a message, I do not understand it. I don’t see the point in merely making giant versions of a children’s toy in steel. Some of his work is decent when focusing merely on form, but because of the icons he chooses I cannot focus of the form of his art, I can only see the ideas associated with the objects he portrays. I think artists should bring something new to the art world, their own perspective on life and other subjects, and Koons merely replicates other’s ideas.


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