Project 1 Statement







The basic idea of my piece was to convey the path a dragonfly takes while flying. Oftentimes when I see a dragonfly, I actually only see it for a moment and then it shoots away in another direction. I hoped that the viewer of my piece would experience a sense of excitement and fast movement. I wanted to capture the energy that a flying dragonfly has and I wanted to hopefully convey that energy in my piece. I chose to incorporate several loops to represent a dragonfly’s wings and each set of loops in connected by a straight line of wire. I chose to use only sharp corners, hoping to show how quickly and suddenly a dragonfly changes direction. I chose to spray paint my piece silver, which I think helped unify the masking tape and wire. I think choosing silver was a good idea because silver can be associated with the sparkle of a dragonfly or the lightness of a dragonfly/ I chose to use fairly thin lines throughout the piece with a few planes of masking tape connecting some of the lines. I think I should not have made the planes out of masking tape. My piece was very bottom heavy and I think using lighter material, perhaps fishing line or string, might have conveyed the lightness I wanted to express in a better way. I also added small notch-like indentations in the straight lines, which I think added variety and was a good choice.

While making this piece, I learned that although an idea can be good initially, when making a larger, more detailed version of the same idea certain limitations must be considered. I wanted to keep all my lines thin straight, exactly like my study. However, the larger version could not stand on it’s own with so little support. Also, the larger version looked empty and boring with single stranded wire being the only form. I tried to make my piece more interesting by adding masking tape planes but I think that the planes took away from the piece rather than adding to it. I was not willing to take actual risks or try new ideas for this piece and I think the piece definitely shows my lack of intellectual effort and creativity.

If I were to make this piece again I would change almost everything about it. I would thicken each wire strand so it held more weight visually. I would put more detail in each pair of wings, perhaps by adding fishing line to look like the design of a dragonfly’s wings. I would try to give the piece more of a sense of motion and take more risks in the extent of changes in form. I might have even chosen a different study to base the piece on.


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