Wood Project Statement










When I came up with my idea for our wood project, I first tried to focus on something I needed. I have a lot of stuff and I really didn’t want something I would never use or something that I had a million of. I decided that because my roommate and I have so much tea, an object that helps us to organize it and condense it would be really useful. I wanted this organizer to be really easy to work and understand and I wanted the viewer to feel at ease and happy when using the object. I wanted the viewer to have a sense of completion and interconnection when using the object, like how I view drinking tea. To me, drinking tea, especially teas made with different herbs, is a way to comfort myself while also working on my health in all kinds of ways. So this box was supposed to show how little things can work together to create a bigger purpose. I think my choice of joinery in the wood pieces and the method I used to make the bamboo dividers and bamboo tray on the inside is really what encompasses the idea of interconnection. I also chose to use plywood and bamboo as my primary materials. Both materials are made from wood but are very different in how they work and look. By using two types of wood, I reference the small differences that can make a big difference in how things work and appear in reality.

This project taught me a lot. I have worked with wood in the past, but never in an overly artistic way or to make a final product that would be used and looked at intently. I messed up so many times on almost every piece I had to cut and it was really frustrating. One piece I actually had to redo four times, and even then it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. But I tried to stay positive and remember that by redoing each piece I was working toward a better final product. The most frustrating part of it all was how stupid my mistakes were. I messed up on simple math or looked away for a second while cutting–simple things that could have easily been avoided. In the end, I am actually surprisingly satisfied with my product though. SO I think that taught me that even when the process is frustrating and I want to give up or start over, there is still a chance of me making something I am at least halfway proud of.

If I were to do this project again I would spend a lot more time on my joints. I ended up with a lot or extra space because I didn’t cut the notches close enough to the measurement I needed. I would also make each notch bigger so that hopefully I would have less opportunities to mess up. I would also just go back and double check every measurement before moving forward because I didn’t do that and a few of the pieces are just barely the wrong size because of it. I think my box could have been less sloppy if I had just spent more time making sure every cut was just right.


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