When I thought of what I define a structure to be, numerous ideas came to mind. The obvious thought of buildings being structures came to mind. But I also thought about how most objects around us are structures too. To me, when numerous objects or things come together to make a bigger, different object or thing those objects become a structure. With this definition in mind, I looked around me for interesting structures. I noticed I was attracted to homes and their designs and I was also attracted to the parts of homes that accent it. For example, I found a lot of lighting fixtures that I found interesting to look at. I also found myself attracted to collections of a lot of the same thing to make a bigger structure. So I noticed piles of wood and branches and brick walls, or the stack of stones.

I think the idea of using a lot of the same thing to make something else could be really interesting in art. For example, making incredible sculptures out of stones or branches. Or using the idea of a house as inspiration, you could make a lot of different models for homes based on more complex ideas (like what goes on in a home, the meaning of home to each person, etc.) I think really intricate lamps that play with how the light reflects or appears on other objects could be really interesting.

While trying to think of artists who include the ideas presented to me while taking pictures for this observational assignment, I actually ended up thinking of two artists. The first, Patrick Dougherty, makes these sort of home structures out of branches. He utilizes a single type of object to make a lot of different bigger, intricate works of art.

download (1)

download (2)



The second artist I thought of was David Altmejd. I remembered watching the video about how he approaches his work and I remembered him talking about how he liked the idea of one large object that gets more and more detailed the closer you gets to it. He made a piece in which he make a ton of small bees and used them to make a sort of swarm. I think how he approaches the idea of a large abstracted figure made of small, representational objects relates to how I was attracted to objects made of smaller objects.

download (3)

download (4)

download (5)

download (6)



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