Project Statement: Squishy Body Bits Project








The idea for this piece started with me noticing the feeling of my hair brushing against my shoulders when I turn my head. I found it to be pleasing and thought about whether I would be able to make myself have that feeling with an object interacting with my body. I struggled with coming up with a legitimate idea. I knew I wanted to make earrings but beyond that I couldn’t think of anything. Then I thought about what it would be like if one object on my body was able to please all my senses at once. That’s when I decided I would make earrings that smelled good, tickled my shoulders, looked interesting, sounded pleasing, and possibly tasted good too.I wanted the viewer to understand up front that the earrings had something to do with my body, which was why I chose to make the earrings into faces. I hoped that the faces would indicate either the 5 senses being addressed or at least the connection to my own face and head.

When designing this piece, I wanted the aspects of the piece that interacted with my body to be fairly obvious. I chose to use bells for sound, lavender for smell, flowers, for sight, cranberries for taste, and feathers for touch. I also wanted the face to be fairly abstracted so the viewer would have to look closely to see smaller details, but still understand the main shape of the earrings. Each item that interacted with me was supposed to be easy to identify so that hopefully the viewer would be able to piece together the purpose of the earrings by themselves. Also, by using each object on the part of the face that it affected, I hoped to make the connection between the earrings and me more clear.

I learned a lot about how my body interacts with the world while making this piece. When I initially began thinking about my interaction with the world, I found it really difficult to discern how my body reacted to things around it. But soon I started noticing a lot of little things that my body does in relation to my actions or to the world around me. I learned that although I thought flexible materials would be really limiting, by forcing myself to think of one type of material I actually ended up thinking of using materials I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. If I make this piece again, I would try to make its function more clear. I might get blooming lavender for the eyes to help with correlating lavender with smell. I might also make the faces more recognizable so the earrings didn’t look like a jumble of objects.


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