Someone Ancient Whose Work Would Still Be Relevant Today: Pablo Picasso

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” – Pablo Picasso

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Throughout Picasso’s life, he created a wide array of work in many different styles and of many different types of subjects. Looking at his work as a whole and reading some of the thing he had to say about his work, I think his primary goal and main idea was the idea of breaking away from tradition. He spent a lot of time, especially as an adolescent, drawing people around him and the world around him as a whole. He was very interested in the idea of documenting what he saw and experienced and I think he=is work was meant to show people everything around them that they may not have noticed on their own. He helped start the Cubist movement, which  is a style of art in which numerous views of an object are shown simultaneously and the object is broken up into geometric forms. This style is oriented around the idea of observation as well and it focuses on showing the viewer as much of an object as possible in one image. He also worked with some surrealist style which was focused of showing the viewer new ideas and concepts in brand new ways. I think Picasso was successful at opening his viewers eyes to all angles of an image or situation and making the viewer really think about what he was showing them.

Picasso worked in many medias including paint, sculpture, printing, and graphic design. He utilized a lot of geometric shapes and some works were very colorful and patterned, while other were quite monochromatic. I think those choices aided in the communication of his idea because the bright colors draw your eye to the painting initially, while the array of shapes force the viewer to really look at the painting and decipher it. In his monochromatic work, he focuses more on the shapes he presents and the lack of color allows the viewer to spend more time working out the bigger picture and the smaller details within the image.

I really enjoy Picasso’s work. I like that it is very different from older artists’ work in that it is not clean and clear as to what his is presenting. You have to look at his work for a while in order to really see what he has painted and the longer you look the more images become clear from the geometric shapes in the work. His representation of faces is really intriguing to me because it is so childish, but he is able to communicate so much despite his seemingly uneducated, unskilled style and technique. I think he is still relevant today because it seems like a lot of artists today are trying to create something new that hasn’t been done before and that is exactly what Picasso did in his time. He work is about the world around us, but it does not look like the world around us. I think a lot of artists today are trying to make work that adjusts the world we live in, and I think Picasso’s work does that well because it changes how we see people and objects and makes us wonder how he would depict other things.




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