An artist whose work makes me uncomfortable: Choi Xoo Ang
















Choi Xoo Ang is a sculptor that works with polymer clay and resin to make sculptures that primarily focus on humans and the human body. A few themes that arise in much of Ang’s works include human rights, gender politics, the state of society, and human emotion.  Art Plural Gallery said that Ang’s work “suggests that Man hides behind his body but that the soul is so powerful that skin speaks a language of its own, howling when it hurts and playful when peaceful. However, when continuously fighting against society and the burden of existence, the quintessence of numbed flesh dies even though the blood flows and the heart still beats”. I think he communicate’s his ideas pretty well because in a lot of cases, what Ang has to say about society is generally negative and his work is very dark and promotes questions about the meaning of the piece.

Ang chooses to primarily use human bodies or parts of the human anatomy in his work and this makes it clear that he is analyzing society and humanity. This choice of form makes it so the viewer feels connected to the artwork, because they are human just like the art is human. He uses a lot of clay and resin and I think those choices help portray the idea of society’s lack of humanity and lack of human rights because they are both very hard and strong, rather than soft and fleshy like what you would expect the figures to feel like.

Overall, I really enjoy this artist’s work. I am very intrigued by the human body and I think the themes that can be seen in his work are very important and I think he presents these themes in really intriguing ways. His work is incredibly creepy and makes me really uncomfortable because of the way he distorts the human body. Despite how hard it is to look at his work, I find I can’t look away either.






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