Project 4 Statement











What is art? What makes art “good”?

As humans, we want to know we are not alone. So we make art and we say “Here. This is what my brain thinks, how it works. Now you have thought it too, or something like it. Now we understand one another.” Good art requires you to not just glance at it, but to take it in and toss it around in your mind until you make it into something new.

The basic idea of this piece was to convey the feeling of anxiety–that heightened sense of feeling, the panic, the excessive thoughts, the pent up energy. I wanted viewer’s to look at the piece and either feel panic themselves or to at least see the energy that goes into anxiety. I kind of wanted it to be difficult to look at my piece because there was so much going on that the viewer’s brain couldn’t quite focus.

In order to achieve this goal, I chose to use steel wool for its harsh connotations and I made the overall shape of the piece a spiral to encompass that energy. I think the steel wool worked well at communicating a kind of uncomfortableness and it imitated TV static in a way, like how my brain gets when it is under a lot of stress. I used a lot of hemp on this project as well, which worked well for making a lot of criss-crossing lines, but I don’t think it was harsh enough to convey the negativity of anxiety.

I learned a lot about problem solving with this piece. After discovering the wire would not hold itself up, I had to figure out a way to get the shape I wanted in a short amount of time. I also learned that it is really important to really know what you want to convey while making art. Throughout the project, I kind of was wishy washy about whether I wanted to convey anxiety or pent up energy, and I think because I was in the middle of both, my project didn’t really convey either idea very well. If I did this project again I would decide on one feeling or idea to express and just really go wild with it. I thought about doing a lot more with this project but was afraid of it going wrong. I think if i had just gone crazy, I would have conveyed my idea much better.



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